Real average wages have remained relatively stagnant over the past few decades while the cost of living has soared across the board. Even though tremendous amounts of wealth have been generated thanks to multitudinous technological innovations and efficiency gains, the fruits of that labor have overwhelmingly gone to the plutocratic powers that be. This has made the covering of basic needs such as food, shelter, and transportation for oneself an increasingly onerous endeavor for the average person. Even within this current age of information and innovation, it is still difficult to find high-quality resources that cater to the average individual without causing them to stretch beyond their means in the process. As part of my own quest to advance professionally in hopes of a more economically viable life, I’d like to share information that I find to be useful along the way.

This blog will not solve the cost of living issue (that’s a public policy problem), but it will shed light on some seldom-discussed resources that I have found to be advantageous and worth sharing. If you like what you see within this blog, please be sure to subscribe your email address on the right side of the page and feel free to share a post!

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